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LEED Dream Home - Design Something Contests

Tell your students about and give them the opportunity to enter our national contests. The contests are included in your CAD Academy Program so there is no charge to participate. Winning students will receive a laptop computer. The opportunity to enter a national contest and perhaps win a laptop is a great motivation for learning. In the process they will also learn a great deal about sustainable design, how to run a BIM, ARCHICAD (Building Information Modeling program) to design a dream home and/or our how to create a new product or design in our Design Contest while learning about how the design process work. They will learn and use SOLIDWORKS for their design. Contests start right after winter break and end on March 15th, 2016. All the information needed for these contest are on the Instructor Portal. www.thecadacademy.com/instructor

Congratulations to our last years winners:

Winners in the "LEED DREAM HOME'" contest: 3rd Place - ELLIE THAYN, Lone Peak High School, Ed Sanderson, Instructor. 2nd Place - MERIK SMITH, Hamilton High School, Steve Spykstra, Instructor. 1st Place - DAVID QUEST, Alpine School District, Ed Sanderson, Instructor

Winners in the "Design Something. Make a Difference" contest - 3rd Place - DANIEL HART Impact Institute, Jennifer Garman, Instructor. 2nd Place - ZACHARY O"DONNELL, Liberty High School, Martin Bencic, Instructor. 1st Place BO DREUP & THRISTAN FOLTYNIAK, Impact Institute, Jennifer Garman, Instructor. For details go to our YouTube Channel

Announcing The CAD Academy Contests. They start NOW!

THE CAD ACADEMY v.8 (TCA v.8) Will be released soon!!

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